Bhakti Nova Dance

Drawing from the universe of symbols, myths, deities, mudras, and sacred geometry, Bhakti Nova Dance is devotion in motion.

What is Bhakti Nova Dance?

Bhakti Nova Dance is a modern expression of the traditional Indian dance of Odissi. While honoring the profound and rich roots of the the classical form of Odissi, Bhakti Nova Dance, brings forth a new approach to how to perceive and perform this dance in our culture and time. Preserving the sacred aspects of this temple dance and drawing from the tradtional texts of Abhinayadarpanam and Natya Shastra, I have synthesized the teachings of this tradition and made smaller and simpler dances for you.

This dance is called Bhakti Nova after Bossa Nova. I infuse my playful and joyful Brazilian nature into my work.

Nubia Teixeira, author of the book Yoga and The Art of Mudras and of the instructional CD, Pranayama: May Breath Be Our Prayer.  Founder of the Bhakti Nova School of Yoga and Dance

About Odissi

Odissi Dance is a highly sculpturesque and devotional classical dance from the state of Odissa, East India. Originally performed only inside of temples, Odissi expresses the emotions of heart and the stories of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses through mudras, facial expressions, and a wide variety of body movements.

Odissi is divided into two aspects: Nritta (pure dance) or dance that expresses movement and rhythm and Nritya (story telling) based on the choreographer’s interpretation of a sacred text. Odissi dance is a spiritual path and a Sacred Art form.

I have been dedicated to the sacred art of Odissi dance since 1997. I started my training with Sonia Galvao in Sao Paulo,  studied in India for 6 months in 2000 and since 2001 has been a devoted student of Sri Vishnu Tattwa Das in California. All of her teachers through the years are students of Guru Kelucharam Mohapatra the root guru of our lineage.


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"Nubia transforms a simple space into a temple"...

“Nubia Teixeira imbues her movements with beauty, devotion and grace in her Bhakti-Nova style Odissi dance. Nubia transforms a simple space into a temple, and brings her students with her on a journey into the joy and love of this ancient dance. Her unique, accessible approach makes learning Odissi possible and the experience rich in connection and meaning.” - ~ Lynn Wallace, Author of Dance Me Home, A Moving Journey

"I am here to help you connect to your mind, body and heart with great celebration and devotion." – Nubia Teixeira