Mother Goddess Yoga Training 101: Intro to Her Path of Empowerment

A practical Bhakti & Hatha Yoga Journey of honoring and redefining the feminine in yoga.

Begins May 7, 2022

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Four Saturdays in May
May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
8-10 am PDT

The temple of the divine mother is installed within everyone’s spiritual hearts, She abides within every being as consciousness and love. She is ever-present within, without and all around, in all of creation.

The presence of the Sacred Feminine has been a leading force in all of the old traditions. Her symbols, artifacts, marks, contributions and work have been found in every single ancient culture.

In this training I will teach you a yoga sadhana that is filled with our Mother Goddess imagery, sacred symbology and potency.

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The temple of the divine mother is installed within everyone’s spiritual hearts

My hope is that by experiencing yoga in a way that is more honoring and redefining of the feminine power, you can open yourself to more self-acceptance, more caring-compassion towards yourself and life, and ultimately more love towards one and all.

I gathered for this training many many many simple, balancing, empowering and nourishing practices that are inclusive of all ages, all body types, all genders, all cultures, all religions, all social positions and that aim to affect all the layers of your being.

These curated practices are a combination of asana, prayer, pranayama, visualization, incantation, mantra, mudra and more… is a macramé of potent traditional practices  with  artistic and innovative techniques.

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What you will learn & receive

All live classes will be recorded and made available within the Nubia Yoga Course Platform (plus additional lessons) to support your practice. You will have access to the course for 5 months to help you integrate and digest all that is offered.

May 7th: Roots - Namo Matri Gurubye
The Philosophical foundations taught here are based on honoring the Divine Mother as the guru and as the main Source of Life: Bhakti to the Divine Mother and Shaktism.

The Hatha Yoga poses and technologies taught in this module are an invitation to awaken the qualities of grounding, rooting, and empowerment.

May 14th: Trunk - Namo Deviyei
In this module we will focus on the powerful triad of the TriDevis, and on how their complementary qualities bless our bodies and lives.

Focused on embodied Bhakti we will honor, feel and understand more the empowerments of; Durga Devi, Lakshmi Devi and Saraswati Devi.

May 21st: Branches - Namo Dharmaya
Focusing on the essential teachings of the Divine Mother that are found on Her books of wisdom and on the many prayers and poetries that have been dedicated to Her by Her enamored children, we will collect and store Her powerful medicine in our heart-minds.

May 28th: Canopy - Namo Sanghaya
By learning how to honor 'all of life and all emotions' as parts of Her gifts to us, and as expressions of Her beautiful Maya, we also 're-learn' how to grow together in relationship with the people in our lives and communities.

About Nubia Teixeira 

Author, yogini, teacher trainer, and Odissi dancer, Nubia Teixeira has devoted herself to teaching different aspects of yoga for almost 30 years. Perceiving yoga as a healing art, Nubia's refinement and unique style overflows with sacred meaning and heartfelt inspiration. Nubia leads workshops, teacher trainings and retreats locally and around the world.



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