Online Course: The Magic of Mudras

A five week online course with Nubia Teixeira

Begins Feb. 19, 2022

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Saturdays from 8-10am PST
February 19 & 26
March 5, 12 & 19

Using these mudras as codes to open the doorways of the Sacred Source within and without, I will guide you in visualization (imagery meditation) into your heart's ever abundant well of devotion and love. The course will be based on my book, Yoga and The Art of Mudras

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Evoke the energy of the Gods and Goddesses

You will:
• Experience and embody the mudras in your life, in your yoga sadhana and in your meditation practice
• Connect with ancient wisdom traditions
• Delve into symbology and sacred geometry
• Evoke the energy of the Gods and Goddesses
• Have the opportunity to ask questions directly to Nubia to refine your practice with Mudras.
• Have access to course recordings and bonus content for 5 months.

About the Book
Yoga and the Art of Mudras is a guided journey into the alchemy of asana (yoga pose) and mudra (symbolic hand gesture). In this book, Nubia fuses her passion for yoga and dance with her love for bhakti (devotion). In so doing, she has created a unique and contemporary yoga system that encompasses all three healing arts.

About the Author/Teacher
Author, yogini, teacher trainer, and Odissi dancer, Nubia Teixeira has devoted herself to teaching different aspects of yoga for almost 30 years. Perceiving yoga as a healing art, Nubia's refinement and unique style overflows with sacred meaning and heartfelt inspiration. Nubia leads workshops, teacher trainings and retreats locally and around the world.

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What you will learn & receive

All live classes will be recorded and made available within the Nubia Yoga Course Platform (plus special bonus material) to support your practice. You will have access to the course for 5 months to help you integrate and digest all that is offered.

Based on Nubia's Book 'Yoga and The Art of Mudras'.The book is suggested but not required for the course. 

In this course Nubia will introduce you to many empowering hand gestures of the Hatha and Bhakti Yoga traditions and she will teach you how to access the mythical, the natural and the spiritual via those essential keys. 

In each class, Nubia will teach you mudras, affirmations, pranayamas and prayers that will support you to connect with each one of the qualities and principles that are the theme.

Week 1: Refuge & Earth: Connecting to Ganesha and Bhumi Devī (Feb. 19, 2022)
Taking refuge is one of the most valuable practices in the spiritual tradition of bhakti. In this class, Nubia will talk about refuge as a place of solace, inspiration and abundance. In this class, we will focus on the element of Earth within and without.
Focusing on the firm soil of this bountiful earthly planet (or Bhumi Devi) and in this unique and potent incarnation as a human being (you), we will establish ourselves as the manifester of our own live's abundance as we open to grace.

Week 2: Nourishment & Water: Connecting to Parvati Devī and Annapurna Devī (Feb. 26, 2022)
Nourishing yourself, spiritually, emotionally and physically is the basis of self-care and self-love. Once you feel your heart and body are full, that grace naturally overflows into your life and onto others. Water as an element always moves towards the lowest levels of the earth, and we will learn that water as bhakti-love willl always flow towards the places of need inside of ourselves, we just need to pay attention to its movement within.

Week 3: Purification & Fire: Connecting to Shiva, Durga Devī and Kali Devī (March 5, 2022)
The fire of focus will support us to see more clearly where we are in need of transformation and surrender. Purification of the mind, purification of the speech, purification of our intention-heart are essential cleansings that we, yogins, have to practice on a daily basis in order to be a clear instrument to love, truth and light. We choose to shine as bright as we can to benefit this life our ours and the life of as many as we can benefit with our acts of love.

Week 4: Devotion & Air: Connecting to Hanuman, Sita & Ram, and Radha & Krishna (March 12, 2022)
Bhakti is a force that propels us in our path towards re-union with the Divine in this body, with all that we are and all that we have. Devotion is a type of motion and motivation that makes us dance with life as a way to express, manifest and give to other out of kindness, compassion and goodness for the sake of love and love alone. The element of air reveals to us the truth of inter-dependance, the deep meaning of collaboration and the reality of the our true-nature. Let us remember, love is what connects us to one another and to the eternal.

Week 5: Creativity & Ether: Connecting to Sarasvati Devī, Lakshmi & Vishnu (March 19, 2022)
In the sphere of the ethereal, anything is possible. Anything can be created out of will, knowledge, intuition, love, command and service. And in Bhakti, anything and everything that blossoms in our lives, is both, a gift and an offering. Learning that is essential to live a life in devotion and in service. Your daily devotions and your daily actions are like unique flowers, that can be placed at the feet of the One you Serve in the Spiritual realm. May it be so!


A 5 Week Online Journey into the Magic of Mudra


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