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The Shelter of Maa! Blessings of the Three Goddesses

A 9 Day Online Hatha & Bhakti Yoga Sadhana with Nubia Teixeira

Thursday, October 7th to Friday October 15th, 7-8am PDT
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In this Devotional Yoga Sadhana we will connect to empowerments and blessings of the three main Mother Goddesses in Bhakti (TriDevi): Durga, Lakshmi and Sarasvati.

During this auspicious time of Maha Navaratri ( Nine night's to celebrate the Divine Feminine Power) we will dive into the bhakti of our Divine Mother in Her main aspects.

Her cycles are constantly  birthing, churning, transforming us and propelling us towards our spiritual growth.

• 3 days of worshiping Durga: Purification, Focus & Protection
• 3 days of worshiping Lakshmi: Generosity, Movement & Prosperity
• 3 days of worshipig Sarasvati: Inspiration, Contemplation & Creativity

Each class will include:
• an introduction to the Devi we will be honoring and calling that day via a short story that I will share with you while you hold a Yin Pose
• a simple and inspiring mudra & mantra meditation
• a cycle of breath and movement
• stationary yogasanas and bijasanas that are connected to the story and the qualities of the 'Divine Mother of the Day'
•prayer and request to that special Mother-Goddess
• closing ritual

In each class you will get to attune to each one of these benevolent Mother-Goddesses, and after each session you will receive a suggestion of worship (puja) to perform in the evenings (that will be available on our private Facebook group to create community).

In this Material World of ours She, our Divine Mother-Goddess, is the Sovereign of everything within, without and all around. Everything that is seeing, unseeing and beyond.
Bowing to these Mother's during potent and festive time, will help us to deepen our relationship to each one of them and bring us closer to their shelters.

Jai Maa!

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